Vermicompost tea


5 gal. bucket vermicompost tea fresh and complete with bacteria

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5 gal. including bucket and lid

Day-old pure worm casting tea with microbial organisms and their food.

Grow your vegetables like you’ve never seen it grow this huge before. Supplementary nutrients added that are not present on worm castings. Perfect for vegetation, trees or lawn care, horticulturist (and federally regulated growers too). Reduces water use. Pesticides/fungicides not necessary. Insect repellant. Long lasting effect.

Pre-order to keep the microbes alive. Call now. Supply is limited due to high demand.

Continuous supply is available on batch purchase orders.


1. Storage instructions are available in our website.

2. Apply only in the soil. Do not apply to foliage (or leaves) – It is not readily absorbable by the leaves.

3. Additional effective usage instructions available in our website.


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