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    • Is Worm Composting at Home Worth Doing?
      Replies to this public question should be answering these questions:
      1. What is a real true-to-life benefit that you see different if you would have not been using worm compost?
      2. How hard (or easy) will producing worm composts be, in exchange of the benefit that you can get from using worm composts?
      3. Should I just leave the worm composting to experts and just buy from them?
      4. Why would you decide to stop worm composting after (if) you've been doing it before?
      Please attempt to write a logical and full paragraph response so that readers would want to respond in full also. Let us encourage TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) message responses - short, concise, makes sense, respectful, and complete.
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    • 1 year ago

      tilde Worms