Why Worm Composting?

The no-nonsense technical information about the real reason why worm compost is important for us, for the world, and the current events happening to our life, and what will be the impact to our future if we do not…

tildeWorms – the New Player in the Soil Amendment Industry

tildeWorms with a combined 6 years of experience in worm farming, mechanical fabrication and computer automation will modernize the operations landscape of worm farming. We can apply computerization and mechanization of all worm farming processes from nursery operations to the vermicast tea (worm compost tea) production. We strive to implement modern technology on an old traditional method – producing worms as fast as possible, and vermicompost, and tea. It is time for all people – household, gardeners, farmers, landscapers, horticulturists to join together and contribute to our world the quest to rejuvenate our soil. With all of our efforts we can prevent starvation – we produce our own food. We can increase our tree population. We can have lush lawns. We can have a bountiful harvest. We can have a beautiful city full of colorful flowers. A world wherein, our kids will thank us for striving our very best efforts, because they live free of world hunger.

How can you help?

1. Start using tildeWorms products. Our product has the most effective shelf life and has the highest microbial count and beneficial type. Our prices are very affordable because we are using automation, less time, less effort, more worms and therefore cheaper prices passed on to you.

2. Each one has a duty:

For household gardeners, start gardening – vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers.

Tree growers – increasing tree growth adds canopy to the ground reducing ground heat.

Landscapers – “greenify” all lawns, gives every viewer a sight to see.

Horticulturist are the poets of the garden industry – produce better flowers and more exotic plants.

Farmers – tend to urban people who does not have access on land to grow – Grow large and quality produce affordable to everyone.

Worm farmers get a piece of tildeWorms

We’ve designed our company such that we, tildeWorms, can extend our foolproof state-of-the-art worm farming operations to other worm farmers. It has a bigger impact to better changes in our environment if tildeWorms technology is in use in all parts of the world. We will start small, local in our main Sacramento area, growing into every nook and crevice of this city to the outskirts of Lincoln and Auburn area, control the whole of Central California then grow as fast as possible to the whole of the United States and possibly the entire world.

With our documented processes, we can teach everyone how to correctly farm composting worms. Not traditional, not hearsay, not word-of-mouth, not experimental. All tried and tested methods everyone should be able to use. Methods we’ve already experimented ourself, and proven that incorrect methods are a thing of the past.

The main goal is to replicate the tildeWorms worm farming operations in the fastest possible way to other farmers so that shipment of heavy products is not involved in the process, and fresh vermicast bacteria is always available, and affordable.

*** To kickstart this goal we want YOU to sign-up as a recipient of our “longWorm” project. Go to the top of this page to “Leave a Note”.

Build Grass Roots Farming Ideology to our Kids

tildeWorms nurture kids’ minds to appreciate soil, plants and nature, using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) processes in the learning processes. Instilling grass roots farming is an effective experience for kids to become guardians of the future. tildeWorms develops progams to get kids involved – grunting festivals, verme-science, STEM scholarships and tildernships (internships for future microbiologists). We give back to our patrons’ future followers because with you the mission grows in tildeWorms.