Fresh Un-Brewed VermiCastings

This is how the activity looks like when the brewing just started. It proves to say that the brewing process more than doubles the activity compared to the video I released last time.

Worm Castings Just Added

This is how the activity looked like a week ago. Unfortunately, I only had to give away a 5 gallon bucket to someone so I used up all the rest of the 275 gallons spilling it all up in my field.

The long branch is a fungi hyphae. The 2 bright dots are air due to the extreme aeration I designed my Super-Duper brewer with. The rest are all different bacteria. The microscopy was set to 400x. I would be able to see better definition at 1000x but I need immersion oil. Imagine the amount of bacteria I can see in a tiny micro dot. I made a 275 gallon brewer and loaded it with 3 lbs. of worm casting. The super duper brewer doubles the amount of bacteria in just 6 hours. Now I can shower my whole garden and some. Worm casting tea is more effective than applying compost because the bacteria can penetrate deep in the roots where they are needed.

“I am giving away the first 5 gallons of the worm castings tea I make for new customers” Go to for instructions.

And here’s a video of a brew I made with compost bought from a garden center.

I do not see any activity at all – No Bacteria – better to buy dirt.

“Make a worm castings tea instead of using the worm compost directly on the plants. It is more effective to use tea because the bacteria can seep thru the soild and contact the plant roots where they are most needed. Wash with unchlorinated water after applying the tea. Use fresh because bacteria will die if not in the soil and anaerobic in the jar. It just makes sense that garden center worm castings are of no value, but just the nutrients left on the compost, no live bacteria.”