Only for the first 55 5-gallon takers – worm casting tea tildeTE is free on your first order (conditions apply). Supply is limited, reserve now!

To get your tildeTE, please send a message via text (916)844-2002 or email (

Get your first 5 gallons of freshly brewed worm casting tea (tildeTE1) for use on grasses, plants, vegetables, orchards, trees, and alternative medicinal plants. Made with a special machine – the Super Brewer Tank – the tildeTE has a longer shelf life because of the pure oxygen mixture. The Super Brewer makes the greatest tea you ever have used for your plants, vegetables, orchards or alternative medicinal plant. It is rich in vermicasting enzyme and bacteria created from excess vegetables and produce without using manure and therefore reduced pathogen. Plus, it has an added beneficial saprophytic fungus from wood chips for use on trees and woody plants.

Bring a 5 gallon resealable bucket, or 5 x 1 gallon milk jars. Or I can sell you the tea in a resealable bucket for an additional $15 (must call ahead for availability). Must take 5 gallons – sufficient for your whole garden for about 2 – 3 weeks depending on the dryness of your soil and location. Application instructions available online, do not incorrectly apply on foliage (leaves) because that is wrong – bacteria and fungi don’t thrive on leaves and on sunlight.

Conditions apply on the First Free 5 Gallon tildeTE:

  1. You must send me an email from your personal email address so I can sell more tea to you via email, in the future. Send an email to with your name, number (optional), message – “Got Tea?”
  2. You must make a review of the quality (good or bad) of the tea on my Google My Business page before you can get your 2nd and next orders. Show me a pic of your review on your next order.
  3. Buying referrals earns a 5% discount on your next purchase, just tell your referrals they were referred by you and I will check them in my email if you did Condition 1.

More Possibilities:

Sell tea on consignment basis. Sell tea with your markup price on your own local 5-mile-radius territory so that buyers do not have to drive all the way to Auburn. The tea will be produced at your location in a 275 gallon IBC container sufficient for 55 x 5 gallon customers. Pay whenever you need more tildeTE (the consignment cost and the next batch). The IBC tank, setup charge and transportation cost need to be pre-paid at half the price of 275 gallons which applies towards the full payment. Only for loyal customers. The brand name has to be called tildeTE by tildeWorms (important for popularity). Buyers from any consigner will be directed to you as a local seller for a reduced transportation cost, as possible depending on buyer choice. Become a network of tildeTE seller – One for all, all for one.

Here is a video of the super worm compost tea I made. Note the number of bacteria in a small nano dot. The long strand at the bottom is a fungi hyphae. Fungi is good for woody plants, orchards and trees. Bacteria is for vegetation. The 2 bright white dots are oxygens trapped in a bubble for the bacterial respiration keeping the bacteria aerobic for a longer time therefore a longer lasting shelf life for the tea.