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  • Automatic Worm Farming Kit Basic

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    Monitoring the health of your worm bin is easier using this add-on electronic gizmo. It senses all the required conditions of your worm bin; temperature, pH and food supply day-by-day non-stop. No need to worry about checking your worm bin every day – it is checked for you so you can grow your business while resting. Any conditional problems are alerted to you via email.

    Cloud monthly or yearly subscription is required. Product AUTOMON-BASIC-SUBSC

  • Habituated tildePSL Worm Bin, Vermicompost and Worms

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    Red Wiggler, worms. worm bin, vermicompost tea, everlasting

  • Live Worms

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    Live Worms in a Box, approximately 600-1000 pieces of adult and juvenile worms per lb. Shipped with minimal moist bedding and worm grub in a breathable bag.

    Perfect for producing organic compost from worm vermicast – the only organic soil amendment for regenerating your soil.

    Red Wiggler specie (Eisenia Fetida)

    *Conditions on Live Arrival Guarantee

  • permaCarbon

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    This soil amendment is better than vermicompost or vermicompost tea because biochar is already in the decomposed state inoculated with the bacteria and other organisms required of a worm compost as an amendment to soil. Using this product reduces application frequency unless dry heat wave removes humidity in the soil. Cover with dirt or additional regular compost to keep humidity in the biochar.

  • Vermicasting

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    Vermicasting (otherwise known as worm compost) are worm poops. Castings are very good amendment to a garden to improve your plant growth. Our castings has enzymes preventing the proliferation of harmful bugs in your plants. Sold by 5 lbs. in a plastic bag. You can start making a worm compost tea to extend the use of the castings. Storage instructions need to be followed to prevent microbial reduction.

  • Vermicompost tea

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    5 gal. bucket vermicompost tea fresh and complete with bacteria