Habituated tildePSL Worm Bin, Vermicompost and Worms


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The easiest way to grow a composting operation of your household food scraps is to maintain a perfectly designed worm bin. The Habituated tildePSL is a habituated worm bin; it is pre-made for you complete with bedding, red wiggler worms and a week of food with adult worms, juveniles and cocoons, about 1 pound of worms, in total. A habituated worm bin has been left to stabilize without agitating the worms from their bin, for about 2 months. The bedding is pre-composted by the worms ready to produce vermicast tea if you shower the bin with water. The worm bin is made of a grocery bag about half the size of a 5-gallon Home Depot orange bucket. The worm bin comes with a crate to keep the bag upright, and a liquid tray to collect the liquid extract seeping under the bag. Use the liquid extract to shower the roots of your plants to add microbial living organisms in your soil. A week of food is included. Instructions for maintaining the tildePSL worm bin are included online.

The tildePSL worm bin can be stacked one on top of the other to grow vertically, once you have more reproduction in the first bin. Feed the worms once a week of rotten food scraps, or until almost empty, in a plastic bento box with holes, that will also serve as bait. The habituated tildePSL worm bin can reproduce new worms for you because it has already been pre-habituated. It will not be long that you will require bins without worms (sold here as “tildePSLminus – complete with fully composted and structural bedding without worms”). The tildePSL worms will reproduce 250 times a year, given that you have maintained the worm bin with optimal conditions, temperature, pH, moisture and food (which can be monitored by an additional product tildeMate sold here). By then you would want to become a tildeAFF affiliate and sell tildePSL worm bins in your local territory. A tildeAFF requirement is that all your supplies are purchased from tildeWorms and are branded to promote the name.

With a tildePSL you can harvest vermicast liquid tea extract forever. It empowers you to be a part of the biological recycle – a cycle of food scraps to worm feed to compost to soil amendment to plants (then also to animals) then to human food, then back again.

Endless tea. Endless worm. Endless food. “Say No” to food hunger.

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